samedi 1 janvier 2005

HAITI KIDS, INC. Tout timoun gen dwa

Our mission is to provide programs that will give children in Haiti the opportunity to be nourished, educated, cared for, and protected so that each child can enjoy the benefits of of a healthy childhood; along with a sense of community, cultural, and environmental awareness and appreciation.

A message from Mitchy Derose, Founder, Haiti Kids Inc.

HKI is a non-profit charitable organization with status pending, HKI was founded in 2005 and today the programs have expanded to include more educational initiatives for rural Haiti. When I created HKI, it was important to me that it remained unpretentious and very accessible to many others who want to do something. I also wanted to set an example by personally supporting other organizations and bringing individual initiatives together to form alliances that will strengthen the change for Haiti movement today. Project funding today is not guaranteed so HKI is unique because creativity and participation from everyone is how we try to accomplish our goals and objectives.With a background in childhood education and literacy, I wanted to make a larger contribution. A firm belief in preserving Haitian culture without sacrificing some of the advantages of modern technology leads me to believe that change can come to Haiti. We should encourage the protection of children's rights in Haiti.I am currently working to help send preschoolers to school in a location in dire need of sponsorship. Other work includes writing books in Creole, collecting clothing and basic items for children, continued work on the arts and culture initiative, and proposing creative environmental education programs for the preschool curriculum. Each one of us is an ambassador so every bit of help and every effort counts. Thank you for supporting Haiti Kids Inc.

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