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France, U.S., Canada aim to unify Dominican Republic, Haiti, Gutierrez says

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SANTO DOMINGO, DR- The ruling party’s most influential figure after president Leonel Fernandez affirmed on 11/22 that France, the United States and Canada have plans to unify Hispaniola island (Dominican Republic, Haiti), project he affirms they’ve bee working on for decades.

Euclides Gutiérrez’s statement was in response to French Cooperation and Francophone minister Alaín Joyandet’s assertion that the concept is a joke which makes him laugh.

The historian and university professor also affirmed that those powers have pressured at least two Dominican presidents to solve the Haitian crisis in Dominican territory.

Interviewed by Héctor Herrera on Telesistema Channel 11, the also Insurance Superintendent said the late ex president Joaquin Balaguer was the first to be pressured by those nations when he was asked to install refugee camps for Haitian in the country, which was rejected sharply.

He said ex president Jacques Chirac invited president Leonel Fernandez, during his first term, to visit France and when they were in the work table proposed that the time had come to speak of the Haitian case, to which his Dominican par responded that Dominican Republic’s sovereignty wasn’t negotiable. “So that’s a project the great powers have, specifically France, Canada and the United States, to seek a solution to the Haitian problem in the Eastern part of Hispaniola Island.”

Gutiérrez, one of the founders and member of the ruling party’s Political Committee, said those plans may take two or three generations to materialize, and that those powers know Haiti is unviable and don’t want to bear that burden.

He noted that the neighboring nation is currently occupied by foreign forces and “whose acting president is in fact the former United States chief executive Bill Clinton.”

Presidents Leonel Fernandez and
Renee Preval in the National Palace.

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