samedi 4 juillet 2009

Kafe Kap Wouj

Kafe Kap Wouj : Mrs Paula Hyppolite moved to the mountains of Kap Wouj (Cap Rouge) a few years ago, after residing in New York City for 25 years. Soon after she arrived Mrs Hyppolite established the Just Grow collective, alongside six other female residents of the area. "Just Grow" is involved in the artisanal production of coffee and powder chocolate, which is sold mostly in Jakmel et Port-au-Prince.

These women do not make a huge amount of money from these activities but it is more suited to their lifestyle than the next best alternatives, which involves daily trips on foot to the town market. All these women are single-parents and "Just Grow" now allows them to stay at home and take care of their children.

"Productive Coops Haiti" goes back forth between Port-au-Prince and the Greater Toronto Area, roughly once a month. Where they distribute Hatian vanilla extract alongside other food products.

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